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Your personal and workplace wellbeing

Spring, 2022 | Registration: Free

Focus on:

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • State of Mind

  • Fitness /Physical Activity

  • Social Connection

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Positive Impacts

  • Wellness

The Wellness & Wellbeing Summit

  • How can I improve my wellbeing?

  • What is the importance of emotional and mental wellness?

  • What is one thing I can do today to help me achieve my long-term goals?

  • What am I most excited about in my life right now? Why does that make me excited? How does that make me feel?

  • How does wellness affect health?

  • How do you achieve wellness?

  • How do you maintain health and wellness?

  • How do you maintain wellness in the emotional, intellectual, mental, social dimension? 

  • What is wellness and why is it important?

  • What is the role of wellness?

The Wellness and Wellbeing Summit will be covering the latest innovations in regards to physical and mental wellness as we all as the connection with emotional wellbeing.

The Summit will feature experts from all around the world that will tackle the issues and questions such as:

Yoga Pose

Virtual Conference

The Wellness & Wellbeing Summit will be organized as a FREE, online event.


The sessions will be streamed on Youtube and AcademiaCentral website. The conference is sponsored by the University of South Florida M3 Center, and AcademiaCentral.

Get Involved

We would like to invite you to the Summit as a attendee!

Forest Path
Coworkers plan work

About Us


The Wellness & Wellbeing Summit is a joint effort among the University of Naples Federico II, University of South Florida, and AcademiaCentral. Registration to the Summit is free of charge to the public. 

Program Chairs

Natalia Levey.JPG

Natalia Levey

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder & Partner

Hi Hospitality Group


Dr. Stephanie Peabody

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Executive Director

Brain Health Initiative


Dr. Benjamin Kutsyuruba

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Queen's University


Cihan Cobanoglu.jpg

Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Interim Dean of School of Hospitality,

USF Muma College

University of South Florida


Dr. Gozde Turktarhan

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Visiting Research Scholar

University of South Florida

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